Friday, October 10, 2014

Here we go again........

Yes almost a year later, I am back again. Desperately needing to vent.
Maybe desperate is a strong word, but might be right word. One gotta admit ones true emotions and if  your are feeling down, there is nothing wrong in admitting it and try to work thru it.
I have lots to celebrate and be thankful for.
I am expecting my second baby... miracle/surprise baby. God blessed me at the right moment and made sure I did not have to struggle this time around. I am so grateful for that.On top of it God has granted me "my wish" something I always desired and hoped I get.
So I am the luckiest woman in that sense. My little boy is doing great and keeps me entertained.
Now I just need to turn around our finances.  Its case of more demand and less supply and we are making it now, but things could get bit harder with me going on maternity leave in couple of months.
And it worries me.
And on top of it Thorn concerns and chats are back and no matter how hard I try to put it out of my mind, it bugs me. I am going to let it be and not bother myself about something I have no control over. Family peace is more important to me than anything....
Gotta go for now