Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kinda down:( need self pep talk

So kinda down at the moment.... financial woes...picture not to rosy at the moment and as always I know I be in the state of mind for only little bit.
Positive outlook about things and life in general has never shaken, but still we all get caught in the moment sometimes. The moment which worries you.
I know we always bounce back and of course is future is bright as ever and I am very lucky and blessed with so much.
This phase is already over and I am moving forward, but if I do need to pen it down just for my sanity to get it out of system, then here it is.
I am anxious about the state of my check book at the moment. Not under water but quite bleak I must say. It does make me a little nervous, but I know it is passing, as always better times are here and will keep coming.
Most important thing is I am very happy with my life. I have my little boy who is brightest spot in my life worth every penny in the world.
I do feel sometimes, some members of my family could have handled things differently, but again I am hoping its a gamble that pays off in the end.
Of course its always dark before the sun's rays hit out.... so my Sun is rising and coming to me fast.i
I just need to stay strong and positive.

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